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My wife Sybilla and I run Skymeadow Gallery Limited and our mission is to supply our clients with the very finest paintings. Sybilla and I buy as if for ourselves but in the knowledge that the paintings we acquire will ultimately cause our clients immense pleasure. We aim to buy from the very best of each artists’ oeuvre and we go to great lengths to ensure our stock is of the highest quality but we also work hard to ensure we have items in stock to suit all budgets at all times. 

Our job does not stop there. Our mission is to make life as easy as possible for our clients, responding to all queries and overseeing everything from framing to shipping with a precise attention to detail. Our aim is that the process of acquiring art be as pleasurable as possible for our clients, which is as it should be. Our commitment in this regard applies equally whether many paintings are being delivered or a single print. We also offer a bespoke framing service. 

Sybilla and I returned to the Stour Valley on the Essex Suffolk border in 2013. My family have lived here for several generations but whilst Sybilla grew up in Gloucestershire her family lived just outside Chelmsford until about 1759 so this marked a return of sorts for her too. When we returned we built a new garden in a meadow over about five acres at the top of that rare commodity, an East Anglian hill. Our garden is called Skymeadow because on misty days it seems to be moated by sky, and the central avenue of trees that I planted to run through it seems itself to flow into the sky. At any rate, we quickly started calling our meadow Skymeadow, and that accounts for the name of our gallery.

In 2018 Constable published my book Skymeadow: Notes from an English Gardener and then a second book No Fear Gardening: How to Think Like a Gardener  followed in 2020. Sybilla and I both write articles for newspapers and magazines in addition to running an art gallery. We are lucky to live in one of the most painted valleys in England: the Stour Valley on the Essex Suffolk border. 

Naturally we have a special interest in all things East Anglian (from Mary Beale and Constable through to Benton End and Great Bardfield) but we also always hold a wide and eclectic range of Modern British art. Whether David Bomberg or the Newlyn School or Dutch inspired still life or French impressionist pieces, or contemporary. The genre doesn't lead us. What matters to us is that each piece we acquire is excellent. Finding and acquiring exceptional artworks causes a joy all of its own and ultimately it is that joy which we seek to share with our clients.

Feel free to call me on +44 7747600322.

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