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Ronald Ossory Dunlop

Exceptionally beautiful and heavily impastoed portrait.
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John Moore of Ipswich

Romantic moonscape by the excellent maritime painter.
Price: £850

Lucy Harwood

From a landscape we hold.
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British Railways  

Lovely poster map of Norfolk original c. 1960 very good condition. 
Price: £985

Harry Hambling 

"Behind the Potting Shed". 
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Joan Warbuton

Stoke-by-Nayland church with its distinctive steeple. 
Price: £295

J.L. Carstairs 

Rare holiday poster original c. 1925. Good condition, mounted on linen. Wonderfully stylised.
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Joan Blaeu

Large, decorative and double sided to reveal atlas entry verso. c. 1645 county map of Essex 'Essexia Comitatus'
Price: £555

Lucy Harwood

Part of the Benton End scene, she painted in a unique and mesmerising style. Verso, an astonishing floral scene. 
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Dorothy Lightfoot

Charming soft panorama of windmill in Suffolk landscape. 
Price: £185. 

Ronald Ossory Dunlop

A commercial portrait from later in his career when the artist started painting with a sable brush on bleached white canvases as opposed to the earlier heavily impastoed work. 
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John Nash

Original lithograph of Nayland, Suffolk c. 1960. 90 x 80 cm framed.
Price: £945

Lucy Harwood

Detail from "Ploughed field", utterly enthralling painting.
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Gaston Saint-Pierre

Three quarter length nude in tortoiseshell effect frame. 38.5 x 30 cm framed.
Price: £1,245.

Sir Matthew Smith

Pastel from one of his many tours to Provence. 
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Dorothy Piffard

Price: £550

J Torrington Bell

Dreamy depiction of the Isle of Skye original c. 1939. 
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Benjamin Perkins

Owl in flight.
Price: £375. 

Thomas Wescott

A pair of watercolours "shipping off the Essex coast" painted in 1921. 
Price: £250 each

Jack Merriott

One of my favourite poster artists, original c. 1948.
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Joan Warburton

One of several lovely watercolours of the countryside around Stoke-by-Nayland.
Price: £375

Joan Warburton

Provence, sometime in the 1950s / 60s. 
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Leonard Squirrell

Original poster c. 1950. Tear (repaired) top third. 113 x 75 cm framed. 
Price: £995

Ronald Ossory Dunlop

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Sir Robert "Robin" Darwin

Hyde Park by grandson of naturalist Charles Darwin. Signed and dated 1948 ll. 84 x 97 cm framed. 
Price: £2,100

Gordon Burrows

Original pictorial map of Norfolk c. 1955. Very good condition. 113 x 138 cm framed. 
Price: £1,225 

Kenneth Steel 

Rare original poster of Willy Lott's Cottage, Constable's Country. Excellent condition, c. 1950. 112 x 72 cm framed. 
Price: £2,650 

Edward Seago 

Norfolk scene, almost certainly Cley Windmill from the spit. Signed ll. 45 x 56 cm framed. 
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Frank Newbold 

original WWII poster in very good condition by this exceptional artist. 
Price: £975. 

Tom Gilfillan

Urquhart Castle, The Western Isles, original printed c. 1928. 
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Fred Taylor 

Original poster from a series produced by LNER for Cambridge in the 1930s. 120 x 81 cm framed. 
Price: £895 

John Moore of Ipswich

Nineteenth century oil on canvas. A very rough sea and interesting to have both steam and sail recorded in the same picture. 54 x 74 cm framed. 
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Henry Stringer 

Original poster produced 1955. 121 x 81 cm framed. 
Price £1,475 

Matthew Camidge

Original pictorial map of Essex, Suffolk and Hertfordshire c. 1950s. 113 x 139 cm framed. 
Price: £985 

Harry Oakley

Supremely talented silhouette artist. An original issued by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee.
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Paul Lucien Maze 

Churchill's painting companion and himself mentored by Raoul Duffy, as is evident here. 61 x 81 cm framed. 
Price: £1,350 

Harry Arthur Riley

Hugely satisfying mixed media of Woodbridge Boatyard. Signed lr. 55 x 68 cm framed. 
Price: £925 

Charles Paine

Original poster in exceptionally good condition. 98 x 71 cm framed. 
Price: £725.


Large collection of beautiful carriage prints framed and mounted from the 1940s and 50s covering Norfolk, Suffolk and Essex.
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Benjamin Perkins 

Exotic toucans, watercolour
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