Henryk Gotlib 'Horse in Landscape' c. 1947

Ronald Ossory Dunlop, portrait of a young girl

Modern Italian School 'Gym Pumps'

Gordon Burrows, printed c. 1960. 

Henryk Gotlib 'Couple at a Farm Gate' c. 1942

Simeon Stafford, St Michael's Mount

Jack Merriott, original, printed c. 1948.

Elizabeth Martland, Suffolk landscape

Lewis Taylor Gibb, continental houses

A complete set of twelve original William Nicholson Lithographs

Adrian Chorley, Water Meadows below Nayland

J. Torrington Bell, original, printed c. 1939.

Kenneth Steel, original c. 1950. 

Robert G. D. Alexander, June 1915. 

A complete set of 8 original 'Fougasse' Cyril Bird 'Careless Talk' posters from WWII

Dorothy Piffard, 1930's

Frank Mason, original, 1930s

John Nash, original lithograph, 1961.

J Blaeu, 17th century

William Kip after Christopher Saxton, Suffolk 

Henryk Gotlib, sketch of three dogs

Lance Cattermole, original, c. 1950s.

Joan Warburton, countryside around Stoke-by-Nayland 1985

Jack Merriott, original printed c. 1950s

Robert Darwin, a lake scene

Albert Gilbert, portrait of a writer / painter

George Ayling, Blakeney, original, printed 1950s

Thomas Moule

Walter Richard Sickert, portrait of Cicely Hey

Lance Cattermole, Lord Nelson, original poster, printed 1950's 

Jack Merriott, Kersey, original poster, printed 1950's

Lawrence Stone, Essex, Suffolk & Herts map, original poster, printed 1950's

Joan Warburton, countryside around Stoke-by-Nayland, 1985

Parliamentary Recruiting Committee

Lawrence Stone, Essex, Suffolk & Herts map, original poster printed 1950's